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Pelli Wear is the embodiment of an idea consisting of the need for an ever more conscious way to deal with ourselves, each other and our environment. People themselves and the world at large. This can be on a grand scale but also on a small scale, close to home and very personal. Pelli Wear descended from the Native American God Kokopelli. The Kokopelli is the God of fertility, which among other things stands for cultivation of the land and personal growth and awareness.

Also, the Kokopelli known as the Trickster, a prankster who through wisdom, jokes and pranks rebels against the established order. He also symbolizes music and spontaneity, frivolity.

Values ​​which we subscribe by Pelli Wear. Life is beautiful, valuable and fun, especially when we deal with it consciously. The larger look at ourselves, each other, the world and all life that populates it. This basic feeling is fundamental idea of ​​PelliWear and is the basis which is reflected in everything we do.

With the modern techniques of today, we ensure that we are on a (eco) conscious way, producing high quality products with a wink. This wink reflects in our appearance; our corporate identity, our website but also in how our products look like and how we communicate with others. Because we sell high quality 100% organic cotton t-shirts, produced in a responsible manner and where additional fun, catchy prints as a means of expression is used. Beautiful images that reflect the core values ​​of Kokopelli, from inspiring and thought provoking quotes and texts, all printed with water-based inks.

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